Around the Web Digest: January 2018

Around the Web Digest: January 2018

Now that 2018 is about 8.3% done, it is time for an another Around the Web Digest!

Is 3D Technology the Key to Preserving Indigenous Cultures?

Using 3-D imaging and printing technology, indigenous cultural heritage in museums is shared with a brand new generation in the communities they are gathered from.

How Facebook Stymies Social Science

As social media continues to play a bigger role in our political landscape, the ethical issues of using this data in research simmer in the social science pot.

An Anthropologist Explains Why We Want to Eat Tide Pods

In case you are wondering why teens are risking esophageal and gastrointestinal damage for the views.

Nursing Home Re-Creates Communist East Germany For Dementia Patients

Recreating the past in a form of memory therapy, a nursing home experiments in recreating 1960’s and 1970’s East Germany in a country with a rising elderly population.

Desolation on the Border

A visual response to Jason De Leon’s The Land of Open Graves.

The Troubling Origins of the Skeletons in a New York Museum

A look at the origins of Herero remains in the American Museum of Natual History and how it relates to genocide, science, and the ethics of museum collections.

Why Ancient Greek Sculptures Have Small Penises

In case you are interested in some art history…

Song of Herself

An interview with Ursula K. Le Guin and her life at Berkeley, family life, Alfred Kroeber, and writing.

Talking Shit

A medical anthropological look at your favorite excrement.

See you all next month!