Around the Web Digest: March 2018

Around the Web Digest: March 2018

We got an inch of snow yesterday in Chicago and it’s going to be in the 70s tomorrow, so I don’t know how to dress anymore. However, this will not stop me from getting you your monthly gift of articles to read my loyal dendrites!

Museums in the 1800’s often traded objects with each in order to grow their collections, even with culturally significant objects. Atlas Obscura takes an examination on how anthropologists helped gather these objects for museums and what anthropologists are doing now in order to remedy this problematic history.

On another depressing note, elderly women in Japan are resorting to entering prison in response to economic instability and loosening social relations

Does the current climate of our geopolitical landscape stress you out?  If Benedict Anderson was alive, would he immediately go back into the grave? Well if this article by Rana Dasgupta is telling of our future, be ready because we’re due for a shakeup!

The University of Hawaii of Manoa is offering the first graduate certificate in Ethnomathematics using local resources and the outdoors in math education (a.k.a. this would have helped me in trigonometry back in 8th grade)

An open letter about what tenured faculty can do in order to support their adjunct colleagues.

Speaking of supporting colleagues, stay vigilant on universities attempting to cut departments like Ethnic Studies and speak up on these academic injustices like what happened with the A/PIA department at the Univesity of Michigan.

Indigenous land resistance meets high tech in South America. 

Refugees from Syria’s Civil War are learning stonemasonry in order to hopefully rebuild destroyed monuments and historical sites.

See you all in a month!