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Comments Policy

anthro{dendum} encourages the free expression of ideas, and we reserve the right to hold, edit or delete comments that fail to abide by our policy or otherwise seem counter to the aim of fostering dialog. This is our space and we work hard to make sure that it meets our standards of civility.

At times we may require that all comments be read and approved (‘moderated’) before being posted. At other times comments may be posted automatically. We reserve the right to turn moderation on and off. If your comment goes into moderation and is found to be in violation of our comment policy, we will send you an email letting you know why.

Comment Guidelines

  • Please keep your comments to 500 words or less. Doing so will help keep conversation flowing and avoid ‘Wall Of Comment’. Authors of posts may post comments over 500 words since their comments are considered extensions of the post itself. If you find you have a lot to say, think about starting your own blog — the more the merrier! We encourage our commentors to become authors.
  • Please refrain from using our comments section for self-promotion, including links to your website, notes that you’ve reblogged our content, or extensive and or off topic promotion of your work. This includes calls for papers or announcements about conferences.
  • Please assume good faith: you are in dialogue with others. Please assume that they, like you, are trying to work towards agreement.
  • Please try to explain and convince rather than criticize and denounce.
  • Please recognize that when you are critical of people’s ideas, you are also ultimately being critical of them as well. So please treat people’s claims and stances with the same respect you would give to the person themself.
  • Please stay on topic. If you have suggestions, or comments not related to the post, please use the e-mail address on the about page to contact us.
  • Please place your comments in the most recent post relevant to your topic, and avoid leaving comments in inactive threads.
  • Please do not be abusive, mean, or call people names.
  • Finally, please feel free to take your discussion of our writing to other forums, or start your own. If you do not like our comments policy, create a space where that is to your liking — the more the merrier!


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You can also use Markdown if you prefer.


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