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Applications to be a Guest Contributor

anthro{dendum} is always looking for new voices and we welcome submissions from anyone who wants to write about anthropology, regardless of academic status or anything else other than the quality of your writing and the value of what you have to say. If you have never blogged before, you might want to first get your feet wet by starting your own blog before contacting us. That will also make it easier for us to judge the quality of your writing! We recommend or Medium as good free blogging platforms.

We divide guest contributors according to the length of the commitment. “Full time” guest contributors sign up for either one month or two weeks. As a rule of thumb, guest contributors should average about two posts a week, so anyone planning on less than six posts should only sign up for a two week commitment. The other option is to do a single post as an “invited post.” The procedure for getting accepted as a full time guest blogger or doing an invited post are as follows.

Full time guest contributors

Proposals for guest blogging should include a short biographical statement, a link to your personal webpage, writing samples which demonstrate an ability to write for a general audience (e.g. selected blog posts, newspaper or newsletter articles, etc.), as well as a short statement about the topics or themes you wish to write about. Please specify whether you are applying for a two week or four week commitment. Please keep in mind that we are a run as a collective and the entire team needs time to review and comment on the proposal before we can get back to you.

Invited Posts

The procedure for submitting an invited post are different. Each full time contributor posts invited posts at their own discretion. Those interested in writing an invited post should contact the blogger whose work best fits with their own. General submissions can be sent via our contact form. Invited posts appear under the byline of the blogger who invited the guest with a note at the top stating that this is an invited post along with a short biographical statement linking to the author’s webpage. (Authors of invited posts are not given accounts as they do not need them.)

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