Anthrodendum is hiring!

Anthrodendum is hiring!

Writing, Editing, & Brand Transformation Post-Doc with Anthrodendum

Field of Specialization: Anthropology

Unit: Anthrodendum

Category of Appointment: Transformational Track (TT)

Rank/Position Title: Editing and Brand Transformation Post-Doctoral Fellow

Start Date: April 1, 2019

Closing Date: January 23, 2019

hand drawn image of a sea lamprey on a red, circular background with two large brackets on either side. Below, the text reads "Fig. 1 Anthrodendum Brand Transformation Post-doc"
Figure 1. Anthrodendum Brand Transformation Post-doc

About the Position:

Anthrodendum is embarking on an exciting new journey, seeking to engage the discipline of Anthropology at the highest levels of imagination and achievement. In keeping with the model set by other Anthropology outlets, we seek an Editing and Brand Transformation Post-Doctoral Intern to help us manifest this vision. Key to this role will be the ability to navigate a fast-paced and dynamic multi-sited, multi-modal, and multispecies workplace. Conflict resolution and mitigation skills will be an asset, and the ability to mediate pressure from public engagement with our platform is crucial.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with current trends in Anthropology in the US, UK, France, and potentially Germany. The selected candidate will also have an encyclopedic knowledge of historical theory, and be knowledgeable of the intricacies of British and American copyright law and the realm of public domain re-publication. Comfort with non-disclosure agreements also an asset. Ability to plan and coordinate a critical symposium on social justice is highly desired.

We’re looking for the right person to challenge academic hierarchies while diligently working within them. We seek someone who is iconoclastic and innovative, but also timely, polite, and keenly attuned to the time-honored norms of academic knowledge production. Be ready to bring your valuable ideas and fold them into our collective hive. We need someone who can help us re-imagine our project while remaining mindful of your status as a newcomer within a dynamic group setting. We need a transformative listener who can help us mine and refine our creative spirit. This is an unpaid position, but the symbolic and intellectual benefits of working with Anthrodendum are substantial.

A core objective of the post therefore will be to transform the blog into a ground-breaking Selective Open Access (SOA) journal that is steeped in reverence for anthropology’s past and dedicated to guiding its future. SOA is our new vision for anthropological publishing, and we need a new member of our team who is motivated to take on the awesome responsibility of making this dream a reality. One of the primary challenges of this task is developing the skills to discern the transformative from the ordinary, the prophetic from the merely prosaic. We envision a future for Anthrodendum that confronts gatekeeping while also recognizing the benefits of selectivity and editorial discretion. Our SOA approach to open access follows a hybrid model that seeks to reap the maximum intellectual and creative benefits of online publishing while also avoiding the pitfalls of overly democratic platforms. Innovation requires openness tempered with exclusivity. Through this initiative, we hope to cultivate a readership that is as dedicated as it is discerning when it comes to cutting edge anthropological theory, publishing, and praxis.

Another primary task of this position will be the translation, incorporation, and dissemination of work by marginalized scholars in other fields and from departments we have yet to engage. We seek to turn the marginalized voices of them into the inspirational and collective voice that is us. We eschew the proprietary mindset, preferring to envision knowledge production as one massive, fertile field from which we can–and rightfully should–draw and develop our ideas. The Knowledge Economy depends on staking your claim, and we enthusiastically encourage you to work with us to mine the brilliance of others in order to re-imagine it under our ubiquitous and transformative brand.

Do you have what it takes to Transform Anthrodendum and anthropology? Contact us today!*

*To support ongoing efforts reflecting structural inequalities of the field, this unique opportunity is only available to candidates from historically underrepresented and under-remunerated groups.

About the Academic Unit:

We are an accomplished crew of award-winning scholars and self-proclaimed radical activists whose work has helped reorient and define the field of anthropology through radically persistent blogging and deeply embedded social media engagement (mostly on Twitter).

Position Requirements:

  • Manage day-to-day workflow of site
  • Coordinate all content production and publication
  • Maintain writing schedules for all “full-time” site writers
  • Conduct all primary editorial work
  • Ability and enthusiasm to ghost-write for full-time Anthrodendum writers as needed
  • Coordination and planning of new yearly #Dendum social justice symposium
  • Respectfully maintain productive comment moderation
  • Assist full-time writers with brainstorming and writer’s block
  • Please note that all members are required to pay a small fee ($250 USD) to set up your online presence


  • PhD in anthropology or evolutionary psychology or equivalent by time of appointment
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in transformational editing and publishing
  • Demonstrated fundraising and grant-writing success
  • Strong working knowledge of all aspects of print and online publishing
  • At least two years of high impact social science research experience
  • Ability to type 175 words per minute and take dictation (via Skype)
  • Knowledge of WordPress, Blogger, and Typepad (just in case)
  • Affiliation with an accredited university and/or a reputable for-profit institution
  • Expertise in BASIC, FORTRAN, Java, Pascal, Word, Excel, R, Tableau, Adobe Creative Suite, and/or Microsoft Paint
  • Extensive contacts in the publishing world (Anthro News does not qualify)
  • Barista/food service experience also a plus!

Application Instructions:

Required: Cover letter, CV, resume, statement of editorial philosophy, personal statement, statement of publishing ethics and vision, four letters of rec (printed on nice letterhead please), and five writing samples from top-tier blogs, zines, graphic novels, and/or journals. Creative pieces also welcome. All materials are due by 4/15/18. No exceptions, beside the letters of recommendation, which can be submitted up to one week after the posted deadline (pending).

Email all material (except recommendation letters) to the Anthrodendum Brand Transformation Post-Doc Search Chair at:

Be sure to upload your CV and statement of editorial philosophy (no other materials) here:

If you have any questions, please email our ‘questions’ Chair at:

If you do not receive a response from our ‘questions’ Chair, contact us here:

Please mail all cover letters on nice letterhead to the Anthrodendum Home Office (link).

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