sunset with brackets
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Dear readers,

We are sorry to say that after eighteen years, we are going to be shutting down this blog at the end of the year. We will write a longer farewell post later on, but we wanted to announce that we are closing this site and project down at the end of this year. A huge thanks to all our loyal readers who have stuck with us all these years, as well as new ones who may have only discovered the site recently. Our plan is to give all our bloggers a chance to post their farewells (or any other draft posts that they’ve been working on) over the course of December, with our final farewell post coming sometime after the New Year. Here’s to endings…and new beginnings!

-The Anthrodendum Crew

8 Replies to “Sunset”

  1. Reading and eventually working with SM/AD was pivotal to my grad school career and professional networking. Thank you Kerim, Ryan, Uzma, Zoe, and others for the opportunity and camaraderie. I’m sorry to see it go.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this news. Anthro[dendum] and its preceding incarnation have been hugely enjoyable and useful to me over the years. Heartfelt thanks to all contributors and all who worked to keep the blog going for so long. I truly appreciate it. Thank you.
    Will the posts be archived and remain accessible?

    1. Hi Martha, thanks for your comment. Yes, the plan is to archive the entire site like we did with the previous version of the site so that everything will remain online and accessible. -Ryan

  3. Kudos to the authors and your audience. You have had a long and very successful run and it is the sign of a maturing ecosystem that evolve successfully into something new from time to time. And this is one of those times. Congrats!